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The main objective of this company is to impart training to Small and Medium Enterprises who want to grow and take their business to next level and run on Auto Pilot mode.

Employee Transformation


Business Transfrormation


System Transformation


Culture transformation


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Get 1 hour of Free Consultancy on the first time to understand the Transformation Program.

Questions about Life Transformer ?

What are services of Life transformer?
Life Transformer provides training and coaching to every age of business group.
Life Transformer has basket of programs like Business Auto Pilot, Employee Transformation Program,
Memory Master Workshop, Train The Trainer Program, Transform your life, Advance Life Transforming
Workshop, NLP Workshop, Successful Parenting & Happy Marriage Life, Student Transformation,
customized program for business etc.
who is eligible for programs
Any Organisation / Industry having Team of minimum 25 employees.
What will be the duration of program
This will be 2 month Program which includes :
1.Two full day Sessions
2. Pre & Post Launch Meeting
3. Review Meeting
4. Directors Meeting
what support will be provided post training
Post training you will be given Review Session, Group Discussion, One to One employee Meeting & Directors Meeting.
How can i measure progress after program
Post training Report will be Provided to the directors of Organisation.


What Employee’s Feel about our Program

Our Process


One Pre Launch Meeting


2 Days of Power pack Session


One Group Meeting & Written Review


One Individual   Review


Directors implementation Meet


Award ceremony    day


One CD for    Directors


Post Training   Support


Solve Departmental Issues

 Strong team bonding

Shift Mindset (SMS)

Communication & Transnational Analysis

Time to Task Management

Triple ‘ C  ‘ – Courageous, Creative & Confident Team

Work Life Balance

Soft Skills & Life Skills

Employee retention and utilization

Goal ( Self to Organization )

Health & Stress Management

Develop Learning Attitude

Corporate Discipline

Enhance Productivity

Corporate and Personal habits

Professional Culture and behavior

About Hardik Majithia

Business Trainer & coach

Since last 15 years, he has served as Motivational Guru to many people in every walks and talk of life.

Over 15 years of experience spread across the varied sector of training, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Recruitment, and resource Training, Soft Skill, Quality, Media and Financial Sectors.

Worked with many Corporate companies like ICICI Bank, Max Life, Future Group.

Previously working with  “Smmart Training & Consulting service Pvt Ltd.”  as a State Head Gujarat T.I.G.E.R Training.

He is Well Known  Trainer & Inspirational coach for highly placed corporate executives in India.


Companies & People

We have Worked With

Our Happy Customers

My output increased up to 40%. I suggest every businessmen to provide this business training from Life Transformer.

Mr Hitendra Patel

Director, Global CNC , Rajkot

Now i can manage my time according to my need. Thought Process of my team got Transformed and now they are thinking from Organisation point of View.

Mr. Vijay Sorathiya

Director, Raj Cooling System Pvt Ltd. Rajkot

I conclude that transformation like employee timing, Positive attitude, Healthy habits,speed in work etc. found in my employees after the Employee Transformation Program.

Mr Hitesh Patel

Director, Royal Industrial Service, Jamnagar

As an industrialist, it is very important to make employees understand about the company’s vision, mission very clearly. Those objectives get fulfilled through ETP when employees started speaking that they will put their 100% efforts in the company by their own.

Mr Udayraj Mishra

Director, Amar Ployfiles Pvt Ltd , Porbandar

A transformation that I found in my team is that they understood which work is required to put in priority and start taking quick action for the same. 

Mr Manish Khachar

Director, Hi Con Technocast Pvt Ltd - Rajkot

I appreciate Life Transformer Company for their efforts to make my employees more enthusisatic, committed towards their goals and motivated. I recommend all other Companies to take experience of ETP for their Employees.

Mr Nilesh Shah

Director, Swan Sweets Pvt Ltd & Palladium Products Pvt Ltd - Jamnagar

After attending Employee Transformation Program, we have started making daily to-do list by which now we do not have to keep remembering about our works all the time. Also, our bonding towards our colleagues and family become more effective. I suggest gather such knowledge by conducting ETP in your company.

Mr Narendra Mehta

Director, Mahavir Imitation Jewelery - Rajkot

We have started doing smart work by implementing system, process & strategy in our organization by which we are able to manage our time more effectively and started giving time to our family. Our life is totally transformed and I personally suggest that ETP is very beneficial training program.

Mr. Chirag Ujjariya

CEO, Siyaram Granito, Morbi

By ETP, I Got changes in my staff like they have started doing their work with complete accountability and each other’s mutual understanding.

Mr. Hiren Vadgama

Director, Austin Engineering Company Limited, Junagadh

 My Team members started giving commitment for their goals with specific time duration they have started working as a family with mutual understanding. I found flexibility in their teamwork which was unbelievable. They thank me for giving then opportunity to transform through Employee Transformation Program.

Mr Maulik Siyani

Director, Rainbow Technocast - Rajkot

After attending Employee Transformation Program, I Found atmost Positivity in my employees. Employees engagement activity in this program helped us to know more about each other. we recommed you to conduct ETP in your company for strengthening team.

Mr Hitesh Patel

Director, Umiya Tea Pvt Ltd - Rajkot



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