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The Objective is to Transform your business to the Next level with Personal Growth.

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What Is BnS?

Business transformation is an umbrella term for making fundamental changes in how a business or organization runs. This includes personal growth, Business system and processes, and technology. These transformations help organizations compete more effectively, become more efficient, or make a wholesale strategy.

Who Is BnS For?

  • Manufacturer
  • Retailer 
  • Trader 
  • Service industry
  • Any person who runs a business and who wants to start their business near future.

What is covered in BnS?


Business Automation

Putting your business on Autopilot means that it can thrive without you the owner need to show up to work in the business every day….
A driver is the thing your business does that “drives” new business in the door

Build Vision & Culture

A vision is a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in
the future. Goal Setting is an easy way to
keep your employees motivated
in your workplace.

Replacement Theory

The replacement theory is concerned with the situations that arise when some items such as Human Assets, machines, finance, etc. need replacement due to their decreased efficiency, failure or break-down. Such decreased efficiency or complete breakdown may either be gradual or all of a sudden.

Employee Management

Employee management is a process that helps your workers perform at their best and achieve your business goals. It’s a holistic process that covers almost everything related to human resources such as new employee recruitment, find right person for right place, expectations and responsibilities, Measure and monitor staff performance, Show appreciation, Rewards and recognize for hard work, Hold regular team meetings.


How leaders interact with one another and their team members. It’s the way leaders operate, communicate, and make decisions.

Implementation of idea into action

Many companies recognize the importance of innovation yet continue to be ineffective innovators. The reason: their leaders lack the right skills to encourage, manage and implement innovation. Recognizing that innovation requires a structured process, multiple perspectives, silo-busting boundary-free and polarity thinking are important first steps.

Law of Karma

When you run your business in accordance with the Laws of
Karma, you create good karma in your business life, increasingly the likelihood for good things to happen in the future.

Time management

 In a nutshell, time management is the process of organizing, planning and strategically controlling the time you spend on specific tasks. When done effectively, time management enables you to get more done in less time, even when you have tight deadlines and an endless to-do list.

Improve memory power

from remembering people’s names when networking, to recalling numbers in meetings, good memory puts entrepreneurs head and shoulders above the rest if you have ever used the phrase, “I am no good with names but I remember faces .” entrepreneurs, who need to recall facts, figures, names and ideas to impress peers, make contacts and stand out in their market.in essence, a good memory is good for business.

Transform personality

personality plays a key role in organizational behaviour because the way that people think, feel and behave affects many aspects of the workplace. The more that management understands how personality in organizational behaviour works, the better equipped they are to be effective and accomplish their goals

Public Speaking

Public speaking helps build your brand. By getting your name and your business name out there in the community at speaking events, you help to build awareness for your business. It builds your reputation as an expert.

Become Great communicator

All types of communication have their purpose, and all types of communication are important. Verbal and written communication transmit knowledge, initiate requests, and get things done. Non-verbal communication, however, is equally important. But, still, so many businesses and organizations are failing to hit the communication sweet spot.

Become Fearless

During uncertain times it is natural to be afraid. But, making Business decisions out of fear can be the thing that dooms your business.

Develop corporate habits

The world’s most successful businesses are run by entrepreneurs who harbour the right habits to ensure their longevity and staying power in the marketplace. The truth is that so much of our behaviour comes from the habits that we employ on a daily basis, effectively determining our potential to excel in any line of work. 

Any business owner who’s committed to achieving financial success needs to ensure that they’re employing the right habits in business. Clearly, in business, bad habits can quickly ruin you, destroy your reputation and wipe out any chances for eventual success. On the other hand, good habits, when persistently applied, can ultimately create monumental success. 

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About Hardik Majithia

Hardik Majithia is a Business Transformation Coach Managing Director and Chairman of Life Transformer Business Training and coaching service Pvt ltd.

For the last 18 years, he has Served as Motivational Guru to many people in every walk and talk of life, he believes that it is compulsory to have spirituality in Business to get sustainable growth and to build a great working culture in an organization.

He had trained many multinational companies, having turnovers of more than 5000 to 15000 crore. and also trained thousands of SME Entrepreneurs in Gujarat. He had addressed and touch more than 2.5 lakhs of people across India.
Trained more than 750 Entrepreneurs and
5000 Employees of Saurashtra.

About Our Company

Core Purpose

”To Contribute High values to the business world by making a major positive transformation in system, process and work
ethics to leave this world with much more than just family with
love, happiness & peace in Entrepreneurs Life .”

Core Values

Lifetime relationship.
Always upgrade himself and his surroundings.
Possibility thinker.
Responsive and result oriented


To transform 10 million companies and transform 100 million Employees in India by 2032.


  • Youngest Business Coach in Saurashtra
  • Featured in Business Times
  • Awarded for Training Maximum Businessmen
  • Recognized by Chamber of Commerce as leading Trainer. 

Our Happy Clients

“We think we are perfect But the fact is that no one is perfect. After joining this program I have realized that day by day I become perfect around 70%. After joining this program I have developed public speaking, and leadership quality, and I have also developed my grooming also.”

Mr. Kaushik Goswami

Director, Ratan Tax and management pvt.ltd

“I have got a lot of benefits after taking this course. It is necessary for a businessman to do this course. now I make a schedule for my whole day. That’s why all the work is being done with the system and process. I have got a lot of benefits in my personal life too.”

Mr. Hemal Purkha

Director, Hemz Events and Entertainment

“As a business owner we can’t devote our full time to any activity so I schedule my daily time. After joining BNS , I came to know which activity should be given more importance. My stage fear has gone. My public speaking has improved. In my company I have changed lots of things like HR policies. and our sales ratio is convert about 80%.
After that if I talk about Relations, My relationship are better than ever.”

Mr. Druvit Dholkiya

Director, Nilkanth Jewellers.

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